How to Use Air Conditioner for Health

Set room temperature 26-27 degrees Celsius, avoid direct wind blowing on people; choose a machine with an air filter function… to help avoid respiratory diseases and create comfort for users.

The information was shared during the online consultation “Choose a good air conditioner for health, bring comfort” that took place on  VnExpress  on March 31. The program had the participation of specialist doctor II Nguyen Hoang Phong – Head of Respiratory Department 1, Children’s Hospital 2 and Mr. Nguyen Quoc Anh – Senior Manager, Technical Support Department of Daikin Vietnam.

According to specialist doctor II Nguyen Hoang Phong, to ensure health, users, especially children, need to maintain room temperature (measured by a room thermometer) at 26-27 degrees Celsius. Children have immune systems. If the epidemic is weak, only use the air conditioner for 2-3 hours, then stop for about 30 minutes and then open it again. Do not let the wind blow directly on the body.

When you first go from the sun into the room, you should have time to acclimatize for about 5 minutes before turning on the air conditioner, avoiding the temperature difference that will easily make you sick. When leaving the air-conditioned room, it should be turned off for about 20-30 minutes before going out.

In addition, you should also clean the air conditioner periodically to avoid bacteria and mold. Open windows often to let air circulate, avoid bacteria from multiplying in closed rooms. Adequate nutrition, drinking enough water, eating lots of fruits and vegetables… also helps to increase resistance.

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