Electric light system

In fact, the light electrical system accounts for about 10 – 20% of the total electrical system project, it directly affects the quality of the entire technology system, this system includes telephone lines, electrical wiring, etc. network, cable TV, camera

Light electrical systems, although of small value, play an extremely important role for all projects today, as a signal connection and data transmission system to electrical equipment.

Light electricity is similar to residential electrical systems but the voltage is usually below 35V AC or not exceeding 60V DC. It is often applied to install modern technology equipment

What does the light electrical system include?

+ Data & Tel system: Maintain the connection of the building with the outside

+ CCTV system: For CCTV, application for security industry, work monitoring, crime prevention

+ PA system: Is a public announcement sound system, to convey information and emergency announcements

+ ACCESS CONTROL system: Helps to manage access to the building

+ FIRE ALARM system: Detecting and warning fire for the building

+ INTRUSION system: anti-theft system in buildings

+ BMS (Building Management System) or BAS (Building Automation System): Building management, using the integration of building management and status monitoring systems to save energy

+ CAR PARKING system: is a smart and automatic parking management system

+ INTERCOM system: is an internal communication system, applied in high-rise apartments, combining elevator and parking management

+ LIGHTING CONTROL system: control lights

+ AV system (Audio Visual): Integrating images and sounds in presentations, slideshows…

+ Internal data network system (LAN, WAN) and backbone

+ Satellite, cable and Internet TV systems (MATV, CATV, IPTV): Helps transmit signals directly from the broadcaster through an HD television service provider

+ Queue system: Usually used in hospitals, banks

+ Conference & Seminar Audio System: Including conference system, can combine interpretation in conference rooms, international convention centers.

+ Master Clock system: Used to synchronize time between sub-clocks as well as all systems in the building according to an exact time, this system is often applied to airports, sports centers, hospitals. , school headquarters

+ MPDP system: Display video wall

+ The system displays flight and train information. Applied at airports or subway stations…

+ Smart home system (Smart Home): Including security warning system, monitoring, multimedia entertainment, lighting…





Some pictures of Light Electrical System construction




Application of light electricity in life

Light electricity is one of the systems that play a very important role in most large and small projects today. With the interconnection, light electricity is widely applied to the building system

In short, a full supply of an ELV system will create a modern, comfortable facility for the whole building, making management easier and more flexible.