What is compressed air?

Compressed air is essentially a form of energy created from natural or chemical air to compress air at very high pressures from 3000 psi to 3600 psi.


Compressed air is safe for people and the surrounding environment when it does not pollute the environment, is non-toxic and completely friendly. This is an advantage especially when life is threatened by many harmful factors, pollution from gas, oil, gas.

The equipment system for mining this resource is also quite simple and popular in the market. Transporting compressed air over long distances also has less loss. The transmission speed of compressed air is quite flexible, so it is suitable for many applications and machines.

Compressed air also has unavoidable disadvantages such as: Noise when discharged to the outside environment after the end of the cycle. The drive power level is rated at medium level, so it is only suitable for small and medium requirements systems.

Applications of compressed air in life

For manufacturing plants, processing fields, etc., compressed air is an indispensable part to be able to operate machines and systems in a smooth, efficient and cost effective manner.

So that you can visualize the specific application of this resource, we will analyze in 8 basic, familiar areas.



The first application that we want to mention is medical. The supplied compressed air will be used for the treatment of the patients. Compressed air used in this field must be oil-free, 100% clean, and dry.


In the pharmaceutical (pharmaceutical) industry, compressed air plays a very important role. Compressed air used in this industry must meet standards of cleanliness and purity. It will be used to dry drug capsules, capsule shells, dry drugs, create a clean environment for culturing microorganisms for research.


Currently, most dental clinics are equipped with oil-free air compressors that can supply oxygen to patients when needed, and clean and disinfect medical equipment and instruments.

Repair field

For automobile and motor vehicle factories, in the assembly and finishing lines of vehicles, or for repair, compressed air systems with stable pressure and high cleanliness are used.

Besides, it is not difficult for us to come across air compressors at garages, repair shops, car wash services… Compressed air is used to inflate tires, spray dry after washing and cleaning. Furniture and details, machine components or supplies for grease pumps, lifts, snow foam machines…


For production exploitation: coal, gold, bauxite, iron, copper… compressed air will be the main energy of production lines, depth exploration, ventilation, the most stable supply of compressed air in hazardous environments. , tunnel furnace and quite dangerous, it is difficult to use only human power as before.

Creation of Industry

For manufacturing and mechanical factories, the air compressor will be used to operate the machines, lift, and automate the equipment. In particular, in the coming time, compressed air will also be used as energy to run cars, which is considered to be quite environmentally friendly.

Food and drink

The first priority of manufacturers of food and bottled water, beverage is to use compressed air from oil-free air compressors. This amount of gas will dry equipment, dry food, produce vacuum packaging, aerate in beer …

In mechanical processing

In the field of wood handicraft production, compressed air is applied in the process of spraying paint, Pu, and polishing wood. High efficiency, fast and less labor use.

When doing mechanical processing, compressed air is supplied from the compressor to help the bolt gun and screw gun work.

In addition, in the field of energy exploration, people use air compressors to be able to probe remotely. Business owners can save maximum costs on repair and maintenance.


Hopefully the information we bring above will help you understand somewhat what compressed air is and compressed air resources. Knowing how to create compressed air, its basic characteristics for application in production, life is more efficient.