The field of Air Conditioning & Ventilation includes:


* Item of Refrigeration System that VIETNHAT Receives Contract for Design and Construction

* Distribution Category of Industrial Refrigeration of CENTURY INDUSTRY


1. Items of Refrigeration System that VIET NHAT has contracted for Design and Construction:

    • Local air conditioning system
    • System central air conditioning VRV
    • System central air conditioning CHILLER.
    • Ventilation systems for office buildings, factories
    • System creating pressure stairs.
    • Freezer system for factories and supermarkets.

Viet Nhat also designs and advises investors on investment solutions and chooses the most optimal equipment, suitable for each type of project.

According to the function, operating mode and requirements of the microclimate, the air conditioning system of the buildings is designed according to a total solution, capable of creating an appropriate microclimate. for each area in the building, meeting common standards in the world. With that in mind, the building’s air conditioning system is designed to ensure the following basic criteria:

1. Ensure the parameters of temperature, humidity, cleanliness of the air in the building according to human comfort standards in all weather conditions. The temperature and humidity in the rooms can be set and maintained at different levels depending on the user’s requirements.

2. The amount of clean air provided by the air conditioning system must be at least 20, 30m3/h per person.

3. The air in the building is organized to be properly ventilated with the aim of avoiding phenomena such as air from the restrooms, etc., spreading to other places or hot and humid outside air entering the building causing currents. dew in the rooms.

4. The air conditioning system is capable of automatically adjusting the capacity according to the actual heat load of the building at each time in order to improve the system’s performance and save operating costs.

5. The system’s equipment has high reliability, simple operation and convenient maintenance and repair.

6. The whole system is designed and installed without affecting the interior and architecture of the work. The noise level caused by the system does not affect the areas of the building and surrounding areas.

Local air conditioning


VRV central air conditioner


System central air conditioning CHILLER.


Ventilation system


Freeze storage system




2.Distribution Category of Industrial Refrigeration of CENTURY INDUSTRY:

Century Industry Co., Ltd. is one of the companies specializing in the production, installation and maintenance of industrial refrigeration systems.

Viet Nhat distributes products of Century Industry wants to focus deeply on the quality of products and services to find and fix mistakes and improve the problems that we still lack. We always strive every day to preserve the valuable results that we have been building.


Some typical product lines:

Air conditioning:


Air conditioners and humidity balancers

Central air conditioning system

Heat pump

Special type air conditioner



Cold water machine:

Screw type water chiller

Absorption type water chiller

Máy làm nóAbsorption type water heater/coolerng/ lạnh nước kiểu hấp thụ

Centrifugal type water chiller

CDU Condensers

Heat pump type water chiller


Air handling equipment:

FCU . air handling equipment


Air conditioning equipment AHU

Baltimore Thermal Solutions

Industrial cooling tower

FRP Cooling Tower

Chicago Blower

Ventilation system






LoT smart air conditioner

Cold storage system



And other devices




Some pictures of construction of Refrigeration System at the Site



  • We have a closed process from survey, consulting, design, construction, operation and maintenance of mechanical and electrical systems to ensure the strictest technical standards.
  • Experienced team of technicians and workers. The company has a team of refrigeration experts, experienced in-depth research, who have installed thousands of large and small projects all over the country. Besides, a permanent team of workers working for many years in the field of installing central air conditioning systems and industrial coolers. Therefore, the ability to build quickly, ensure progress and quality of works.
  • The most suitable and competitive prices in the country.
  • Long-term warranty, thoughtful after-sales support.