Viet Nhatintroduces to customers an overview of water supply and drainage systems, helping customers have a better view of these two systems:

Water supply system

Most of the water supply systems of apartment buildings use the integration of three types of systems: direct water supply system, indirect water supply system and sewage pumping system.

– For direct water supply system: Clean water is supplied directly from the public water pipe to households in the lower floors by hydraulic pressure inside the main pipe.

– For indirect water supply system: use a water pump to take water from the tanks on the ground floor of the building and suck clean water into the tank on the roof, then deliver water to each household through the network auxiliary pipeline network.

– For sewage pumping systems: the water to be transferred ends up being received by installing a pressure pump for water supply: the fire pipeline also has a similar function.

Water supply system includes: water pump, vertical pipe, storage tank, float device and auxiliary pipes.

All permanent parts of the water supply system must be regularly inspected by the refrigeration consortium and must be maintained properly.

All water tanks must be cleaned periodically for best quality control

Water Supply and Drainage System


Drainage system

– Water after being used for purposes such as living, production or rain water flowing on roofs, road surfaces, ground, contains many organic and inorganic compounds that are easily decomposed, they contain Many bacteria cause diseases that are very dangerous to humans and animals. If these types of wastewater are discharged into the environment, it will cause pollution and generate infectious and dangerous diseases for humans.

– Waste water from residential areas and production areas must be cleaned and disinfected to the necessary level before being discharged into water sources.

– Currently, the types of wastewater are quite diverse, depending on the origin and nature of the wastewater source, they are divided into three main types as follows:

Domestic wastewater: wastewater discharged from washbasins, bathrooms, latrines and urinals contains many organic dirt and bacteria.

Production wastewater: discharged after the production process. The composition and properties depend on the type of industry, raw materials consumed and technological process, so they vary greatly.

People often distinguish production wastewater into two types:

  • Highly contaminated water (dirty water)
  • Less contaminated water

Rainwater after falling, flowing on the surface of streets, residential areas or industrial zones is most contaminated, especially the initial amount of rainwater.

If in cities, domestic and production wastewater (which is allowed to be discharged into the domestic drainage network) is led together, then the mixture is called urban wastewater.

Water Supply and Drainage System


Some pictures of the installation of Water Supply and Drainage System at the construction site






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