1. Low voltage electricity

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The low voltage power system includes:

+ System of substations, low voltage electrical cabinets, generators.


+ Solar power system.


+ Cable system for power supply and busway.


+ Lighting system and sockets.


+ Grounding and lightning protection system.


2. Overhead medium voltage

The overhead line consists of a series of electric poles, on which the beams and conductors are suspended from the beams through the insulation. Power poles are buried in the ground with solid foundations, which are responsible for supporting the wire above the ground, hence the name overhead line. It is also possible to hang lightning conductors on the poles so that lightning does not hit the conductors directly.


Electric poles: Electric poles made of reinforced concrete or steel. Depending on the function, there are different electric poles.

Conductor: Conductor is made of copper (M), aluminum (A), aluminum with steel core (AC), steel (∏K, TK).

Porcelain insulators and accessories: Porcelain insulators can be porcelain or suspended porcelain. On the porcelain chain there may be the needles of the lightning gap and the voltage distribution regulator on the porcelain chain. The conductor is attached to the porcelain banana by wire clips.

Installation of switchgear and protection of overhead medium voltage lines

– Surge protection valve: To protect equipment in the substation to suppress or reduce overvoltage waves transmitted from the input line, lightning protection devices must be used. These surge arresters will lower the overvoltage wave amplitude to a safe value for the insulation to be protected. Nowadays, it is common to use surge arresters to install on lines.

– Isolating circuit breaker installed on the line: The line breaker is usually used outdoors, whose main task is to isolate and segment the line segments during operation or when there is a line fault.

– Outdoor load circuit breaker installed on the line: The outdoor load breaker also acts as a line isolator, but because the 3 phase load breaker is equipped with an arc suppressor and a potential spring, it can switch under load conditions.

– Line breaker Auto reclosers (also known as repeater breaker): MAuto reclosers line breaker allows working in both automatic and manual modes. The cutter is connected to the computer, working according to the pre-installed program in the computer. Can control operation, check parameters locally or remotely.

– Medium voltage transformers installed on lines: Outdoor current transformers do the main task to supply electricity to electricity meters at power measurement points at the boundaries between electric forces. In addition, at the position of the line breaker Auto reclosers, the current transformer is responsible for providing current for relay protection.

– Medium voltage transformer installed on the line: The medium voltage transformer installed on the line has the main task to supply voltage to the electricity meter at the power metering points at the boundaries between the electric forces. Ngoài ra tại các vị trí đặt máy cắt đường dây Auto reclosers máy biến điện áp làm nhiệm vụ cung cấp nguồn điện áp cho bảo vệ rơle.

– Medium voltage capacitors installed on the line: Medium voltage capacitors installed on the line have an active role in reducing power loss on the grid.


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