Experience in choosing an air conditioner in the hot season

that spread evenly throughout the room, avoid blowing directly on the body.

Can be controlled remotely

With the development of technology, many companies now allow easy control of air conditioners through smartphones. This feature is convenient for people who are outside but forget to turn off the air conditioner at home or want to control the machine in the baby’s room from their own room. With the weekly scheduling function, the air conditioner can also automatically turn off when the whole family is away or automatically operate when someone comes home.

Choose a reputable brand

As a product of great value and long-term use, users should choose to buy air conditioners of long-standing and reputable brands. Users can choose brands with branches in Vietnam to facilitate maintenance and repair instead of buying floating goods, which are difficult to verify the origin and quality.

Currently, most of the world’s major air conditioning brands are present in Vietnam, such as Daikin, Japan’s leading air conditioning specialist. This is one of the largest air conditioner brands in the world, winning the Tech Award for 2 consecutive years voted by  VnExpress  readers in 2019 and 2020.

Daikin is also the only air conditioner company to win the “High Energy Efficiency 2020” award organized by the Ministry of Industry and Trade with 17 products honored for their ability to save electricity.

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