Air Conditioning Improvements Are User Friendly

The function of fast cooling, air filtration, humidity adjustment, control via smartphone, remote with LED lights on the air conditioner is highly appreciated by users.

To meet the increasing needs of users, many air conditioner brands focus on applying modern technology to increase comfort, health protection and comfort when using.

Here are the improvements on the air conditioner that many consumers appreciate and care about most when choosing to buy products, according to the sharing of refrigeration engineers.

Rapid cooling

Rapid cooling technology helps the air conditioner to optimize cooling efficiency in the shortest time possible. Currently, most air conditioners are equipped with this technology, instead of only appearing in some product lines as before.

Users start the Powerful function on the remote of some air conditioners, the machine capacity will reach the maximum level in 20 minutes. After that, the machine automatically returns to the original setting mode before turning on Powerful.

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